Size, Fit + Care

Martingale Collar sizing instructions

To avoid disappointment please ensure that you carefully measure your dog and select the most suitable size before purchasing. 


How to Measure

To find the best size for your dog measure at both points A and B. The collar should be able to fit over point A which is the widest part of your dog's head and be able to rest comfortably at point B, the base of the neck with room to fit two to three fingers in between the base of the neck and the collar. 

Approximate Measurements of the Collars: 

  • 26-30 CM (XS) Suitable for most young/small Whippets and some Italian Greyhounds
  • 30-42 CM (S) Suitable for most Whippets and other medium breeds
  • 33-47 CM (L) Suitable for most Greyhounds and other larger breeds
  • 39-55 CM (XL) Suitable for large breeds with thicker necks


    How to Fit

    To fit, slip collar overhead and adjust to the base of the neck. This should fit neat on the neck with room to comfortably slide two or three fingers in between the neck and collar.

    We recommend the Martingale for use when walking only, as collars will loosen over time and could catch on something. Remove when lounging and replace with a basic ID collar. For your pet's safety, attach any ID tags to one of the loops on the collar - not the large D ring.

    Never force the collar on if it is too tight. There should be plenty of room to slip the collar over the widest part of the head and tighten it once it is over the head and around the neck.


    Care Instructions

    Clean with damp cloth or hand wash in warm soapy water. Air dry only.